Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units

Gree UK has an extensive range of air conditioning systems in stock, as well as a large split and multi-split selection.

U-Crown Series

The U-Crown air conditioner benefits from built-in smart controls, with a wide cooling operation temperature range of -18°C to 54°C. With a brushed stainless-steel finish, the unit will provide all-year-round comfort for your home, thanks to its high-end performance and innovative features.

With a capacity to run at full efficiency when the outdoor temperature is down to -30ºC, the U-Crown heat pump's two-stage compressor is specially designed for the UK weather, keeping your home warm during the cold winter months.

Wall Mounted Split Systems

It is also designed to cool your home in hot summer weather, with a capacity to run at up to 46ºC outdoor temperature. The U-Crown features the latest technology, enabling you to adjust your home's ambient temperature to find the perfect comfort zone.

It also has a Wi-Fi function, so you can control your home's temperature using your smartphone. To maximise on comfort, the innovative "I Feel" technology ensures you can choose the precise temperature you require in every area of your home.

As well as its innovative heating and cooling properties, the U-Crown will make sure the air circulating in your home is pure. Using its IFD - Intense Field Dielectric – it will filter the air to catch potentially hazardous PM2.5 particles.

Although PM2.5 particles are so small they can only be detected by using an electron microscope, they tend to linger in the air. This increases the chances of people inhaling them, which can worsen health conditions such as asthma, bronchitis or respiratory problems.

The U-Crown's purifying filters will remove the particles from your home's ambient air to ensure occupants are breathing only the cleanest, purest air throughout the property.

When you purchase from GREE, you can enjoy a competitively priced system with a five-year warranty. We provide free, next-day delivery and full sales and service back-up.

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