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Not only does it provide consistency, stable climate management, it also offers a selection of indoor units, enabling users to choose the best bespoke solution that can be tailored to their individual commercial or residential needs.

The choice of units includes wall mounted, slim ducted, ceiling cassette and floor/ceiling options. All equally adaptable and powerful, they represent a 21st century engineering feat that will meet the differing needs of every business, with key features that include the G-10 inverter control, low sound levels, low ambient cooling and environmentally-friendly R410A and R32 refrigerant.

Manufactured in various sizes to suit every climate control challenge, the units are energy-efficient. Inverter heat pumps reduce outdoor noise to 56 decibels – their deceptive quietness masks the fact that they deliver a massively powerful, efficient performance.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the stop-start method of the traditional outdoor fixed-speed units is eliminated with the U-Match. A heavyweight steel cabinet protects the system. The unit can cool down any space to 5°F or -15°C and is equipped with multi-point diagnostics.

For the business owner who wishes to operate with green principles, the system’s R410A or R32 refrigerant are the ideal choices for any 21st century company and using a variable speed compressor, stable and powerful climate control can be enjoyed in a large variety of commercial applications.

Split Systems

While maintaining lower sound levels, the heat exchange has been improved for maximum cooling and heating efficiency. The floor/ceiling range of units is suitable for areas that do not have suspended ceilings and they can be fitted adjacent to a side wall so that the electrical wiring and pipe connections can be concealed.

GREE air conditioning has made a massive leap forward in inverter heat pump and air conditioning technology. The U-Match series split systems are suitable for residential or commercial applications and can be installed in shops, offices, meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants, clubs, gyms and open plan areas.

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