Photovoltaic VRF Air Conditioning

The Gree Photovoltaic multi VRF system is a direct-driven inverter system which uses revolutionary technology to boost its efficiency and further increase its cost-effectiveness.

The state-of-the-art system breaks with tradition by working in a different way from the conventional PV-powered VRF systems. The PV-powered systems collect solar energy for the production of electrical power, which is then fed to the DC-AC converter to be used by the VRF.

Gree’s photovoltaic direct-driven inverter multi VRF system uses its advanced power management system so that a DC-AC converter is no longer necessary. This is because it feeds electricity from the PV array directly to the air conditioning system.

Photovoltaic VRF

This means the loss of efficiency commonly linked with power conversion is no longer an issue, thus improving the system’s efficiency and providing greater value for money. The surplus electricity that is not required to operate the air conditioning is fed back into the grid, providing an income for end users from the feed-in tariff.

The high-tech system can achieve zero electric charge, while generating power to the grid, producing the environmental benefits of emission reduction and energy conservation. Energy efficiency is improved by between 6% and 8%.

Providing a more reliable and assured service through its technological innovations, the system has been manufactured as a result of Gree UK carrying out extensive tests and developments over a period of around a decade.

The multi VRF system can be widely used in various commercial applications to provide energy-saving benefits and a comfortable, air-conditioned environment. Development of the system has taken into account the demand for greater comfort, combined with the user-friendly technology we have come to expect in the 21st century.

Gree UK is at the cutting edge of technology and by adopting the combination of a multi VRF, intelligent network system and power generation with state-of-the-art consumption management, we have achieved intelligent management of the ultimate system.

Watch the video below to see Tim Boxhall (Technical Sales Support Manager) giving a presentation about this revolutionary technology at the ACR Show earlier this year...

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