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As one of the most innovative and advanced inverter-driven ductless split systems in the world, the GREE Multi System significantly reduces energy consumption, while facilitating heating and cooling for both light commercial and residential applications.

The DC inverter multi-split system (free match) uses low frequency inverter technology, which reduces energy consumption. Based on the room’s individual requirements, the systen adjusts the compressor speed accordingly.

Multi Split Air Conditioning System

You can mix and match the combination of hi-wall units throughout the five zones to create a bespoke system, and the latest wireless remote technology enables zone-by-zone temperature control in individual rooms.

The system also integrates “I FEEL” technology – a function which intuitively senses the temperature surrounding the remote control, adjusting airflow and maximising comfort.


Using the latest state-of-the-art photocatalytic filtration system, the GREE Multi features an eco-friendly design, eliminating 99.9% of airborne bacteria and contaminants to purify the air quality.

The system’s intelligent engineering creates a highly efficient system that assures a world-beating performance, combining massive energy savings, comfort for the workforce or occupants and the personal style of your choice.

Multi Split Air Conditioning System


As the world’s leading conditioning designer and manufacturer, GREE has more than 570 laboratories, 52 research centres, 8,000 research and development engineers and 20,000 technology patents, including more than 6,000 invention patents.

Our air conditioning solutions have more than 300 million users, and one third of the world’s air conditioning systems are manufactured by GREE.

For further information on our multi-split air conditioning (free match) system, or any of our other innovative products, please contact us.