DC Inverter Heat Pump

These days people are searching for new high efficiency heating technology, low operation costs and eco-friendly features.

Versati II

Versati takes natural heat from the ambient air and uses it for room heating. Not only does it satisfy room heating requirements, it also supplies cool air in a hot summer AND domestic hot water - all in one!


Versati adopts R410A, a new eco-friendly refrigerant, harmless to the atmosphere. Moreover, with advanced heat pump technology and powerful hardware, the efficiency of Versati has been improved, resulting in much lower CO2 discharge. It is an eco-friendly product, which mirrors our social commitment to protect the environment.

High Efficiency

Compared to traditional compressors, DC inverter compressors have the advantages of high performance and high efficiency:

  • By adopting DC inverter technology, the compressor regulates its output according to the heating requirements to achieve higher efficiency
  • The DC Inverter compressor optimizes its output to ensure efficient operation
  • Using stepless power regulation technology, the DC Inverter compressor achieves stepless output regulation between 20Hz and 120Hz
  • The 180 degree sine wave current output uses low startup current, small torque pulse and free speed regulation between 900 and 6600 rpm. It enables the system to meet the temperature requirements of various circumstances, significantly lowers the power consumption and is easy to use

DC Inverter Heat Pump System

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