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A multi-VRF system, it makes increased energy savings, creates a more comfortable environment, is more reliable and functions with greater precision. Using DC inverter fan motors and inverter compressors, the GMV5 combines units in a modular set-up, from 22.4 kW up to a maximum 246 kW with a fan resistance up to 82 Pa this enabling indoor plant room installation and a quick and simple commissioning process with self-addressing and refrigerant charging.

The GREE VRF range also offers a mini-VRF option from a single fan 8 kW outdoor unit up to 33.5 kW.

To meet different electricity demands, it has two energy-saving modes. Choose from auto energy saving mode, when the system self-adjusts its parameters depending on the operation status, providing savings of up to 15% on electricity and thus lowering costs. Alternatively, compulsory energy saving mode means the system limits the power output to save up to 20% of energy.

Inverter Compressors

It also has energy auto allocation technology, so that when the total load requires more than 75% of the running unit’s capability, another unit will start automatically.

With an outdoor quiet mode and high-energy efficiency afforded by optimum performance compressors, the complete unit’s reliability is much improved by the addition of an auto switch of module status every eight hours.

The unit has a choice of four levels of static pressure, to a maximum of 82 Pa, and its connection pipe has a maximum length of 1,000 metres for versatility and convenience.

As an all DC inverter compressor, the GMV5 has highly efficient permasyn motors for a superior performance. State-of-the-art technology of maximum torque control, combined with minimum current, helps to reduce energy loss. It can meet different temperature demands in different places and save on costs, and the low frequency torque control permits the fan motor to run at a low speed, without compromising the unit’s effectiveness.

Whether it’s a hot summer or a cool winter, the system works efficiently in a wide range of conditions. The GMV5 promises normal operation, whatever the weather, ensuring users remain at a comfortable temperature. No matter what the conditions, the unit will operate with minimal noise.

For further details of our top-of-the-range VRF systems, contact GREE by email.