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Free Match – Multi Split Systems

Indoor Units

Free Match Cassette GKH(12)BA-K3DNA2AI - Spec Free Match Cassette GKH(18)BA-K3DNA2AI - Spec Free Match Cassette GKH(24)BA-K3DNA1AI - Spec
Free Match Console GEH(09)AA-K3DNA1CI - Spec Free Match Console GEH(12)AA-K3DNA1CI - Spec Free Match Console GEH(18)AA-K3DNA1CI - Spec
Free Match Ducted GFH(09)EA-K3DNA1AI - Spec Free Match Ducted GFH(12)EA-K3DNA1AI - Spec Free Match Ducted GFH(18)EA-K3DNA1AI - Spec
Free Match Ducted GFH(21)EA-K3DNA1AI - Spec Free Match Ducted GFH(24)EA-K3DNA1AI - Spec Free Match U-Ceiling GTH(09)BA-K3DNA1AI - Spec
Free Match U-Ceiling GTH(12)BA-K3DNA1AI - Spec Free Match U-Ceiling GTH(18)BA-K3DNA1AI - Spec Free Match U-Ceiling GTH(24)BA-K3DNA2AI - Spec

Outdoor Units

Free Match ODU (24,28,36,42) - Spec

GMV5 – VRF Systems

Indoor Units

GMV5 - 1W Cassette VRF GMV5 - 2W Cassette VRF GMV5 - Console VRF All Models
GMV5 - Ducted Hi ESP VRF GMV5 - Ducted VRF Lo ESP GMV5 - Floor Standing VRF
GMV5 - Floor-Ceiling VRF GMV5 - Fresh Air Ducted VRF GMV5 - Large Cap. Ducted VRF
GMV5 - VRF 4Way cassette All Models GMV5 - VRF Slim Ducted All Models GMV5 - Wall Mounted VRF
GMV5 HR - VRF Combination Table GMV5 VRF Compact Cassettes All Models  

Outdoor Units

GMV5 - Mini VRF - 1Ph GMV5 - Mini VRF - 3Ph GMV5 - Mode Exchange Box - VRF
GMV5 - Modular VRF 2 pipe 3Ph All Models GMV5 - ODU HR VRF (3P) GMV5 - Slim VRF - 3Ph

Heat Recovery Ventilation

HRV-ERV - ALL units    

Wall Mounted Split Systems

Lomo Series - All systems (Spec) U-Crown series - All systems (Spec)  

Split Systems U-Match

U-Match - Compact Cassette spec U-Match - Controllers list U-Match - Ducted Spec
U-Match - Under Ceiling Spec    

Versati Heat Pumps

Versati Split ASHP - GRS-CQ8.0PdNaD-K Versati split ASHP - GRS-CQ12PdNaD-M Versati Split ASHP - GRS-CQ14PdNaD-M
Versati Split ASHP GRS-CQ10PdNaD-K    
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