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Workplace Air Conditioning

Workplace air con
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While there are many factors that can affect staff productivity, the environment that they work in is especially relevant. In particular, workplace temperature and humidity can greatly influence employee output.

The importance of air conditioning

Installing air conditioning makes sense from many perspectives. By ensuring the temperature of a building is neither too hot nor too cold, it makes the setting as comfortable as possible for those who use it.

Studies have concluded that workplaces that are too hot can hinder staff productivity, causing employees to feel sleepy and further leading to a lack in concentration. Researchers reckon that when this happens, bosses can expect to lose an hour of output from their staff, on average.

If the temperature is too warm in a workplace, there’s also a higher risk that staff will make mistakes, as lack of concentration can dull the brain cells, making workers less sharp. Studies have shown that staff also find it harder to solve complex problems when the workplace temperature is out of kilter.

It’s not just feeling too hot in the workplace that can affect productivity; if the temperature is too low, output also suffers, with workers becoming more prone to illnesses.

If customers or clients visit your work premises, you won’t be making a welcoming impression if they feel too hot or too cold. They may even be reluctant to return in the future!

Installing air conditioning in your workplace is an important investment that will help you to maintain the most comfortable and productive working conditions – ideally, you should aim for temperatures of around 20-21 degrees for optimum benefits.

So, what factors should you consider when choosing an air conditioning unit?

How to choose the perfect air conditioning system for your workplace

Air conditioning units vary considerably, so do your homework to ensure you get the right system for your circumstances. Seek expert advice, so you’re aware of your different options.

When choosing an air conditioning system, decide if you want a central unit with an outside condenser and ductwork, or whether you would prefer a ductless alternative. Again, an expert supplier can discuss which option suits your needs better.

Size is important, but don’t necessarily assume bigger is better. Consider what’s appropriate for your premises. Units that are too big could become costly to run, while those that are too small may not provide adequate temperature control.

Give some thought to energy efficiency, especially the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, or SEER, of a system. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the model. Often, choosing the cheapest system may prove a false economy, especially if it doesn’t offer a high level of efficiency.

A system with a thermostat will allow you to select a temperature to suit your specific setting requirements. By controlling the speed of the unit in order to regulate its temperature, inverter compressors are the latest in air conditioning technology, making them highly efficient and ensuring you only need to use the energy of your system until it reaches a certain temperature.

Units with an inverted compressor are also quieter, have reduced operating costs and are less prone to malfunctions, thus incurring lower maintenance expenses. While they may be more expensive initially compared to traditional units, you’ll get lower energy bills and a payback time of around a couple of years.

If you’re looking for an air conditioning system that meets the demands of fluctuating temperatures in your workplace, take a look at the high-quality and ultra-efficient inverter compressor units available from GREE UK.

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Workplace Air Conditioning

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