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Should you use Air Con in Autumn?

should you use air con in autumn
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Providing welcoming cooler air in homes, offices and retail spaces when it gets hot outside, air conditioning is something we tend to associate with the warmer summer months. So, when autumn approaches and temperatures start to drop, does this mean we should turn our air con systems off for a while?


Fluctuating temperatures

Experts reckon that air con systems should still be put to good use, even after summer has become a memory. During autumn, the weather can still fluctuate greatly, with many places often enjoying a late, Indian summer. Plus, with climate change hotting up the planet, this means our autumns are often warmer – so we’ll need to keep our air con systems on for that bit longer!


Hot interiors

Even when autumn temperatures start to tumble outside, it can still remain very warm indoors. In particular, south-facing buildings soak up a lot of heat on sunny autumnal days, and if those buildings also have plenty of glass, this can create a greenhouse effect, making indoor spaces stiflingly hot. The option to switch the air con on for a blast of cooling air will prove a godsend on bright autumn days.


Ideal temperature

While we usually think of air conditioning as providing cooling benefits, many modern systems, such as split system units, also have the capability of bringing warmth to a space. This makes air con ideal for use during autumn, when days can often get quite humid, but temperatures plummet considerably at night.

By cooling a space during the day and heating it at night, air con offers the best of both worlds, keeping spaces comfortable, whatever the weather.


Energy efficiency

You could be forgiven for assuming that using air con during autumn is an energy wasting, financial extravagance, but it’s time to readjust your thinking.

Many modern systems boast innovative features, such as inverter technology, like the multi-split systems, which can slash energy consumption. This means using your air con system to both cool and heat your space during autumn could work out more cost-effective than turning the fire or central heating on.

Plus, with air con systems warming up a space faster than other traditional heating systems, less energy is needed to reach the desired temperature. Even better, if you choose a modern system that comes with a thermostat or controller to regulate the temperature accordingly, you don’t need to worry about wasted energy.

Importantly, some experts suggest that keeping your air con running during autumn actually makes better sense than not using it at all. Systems that go without prolonged periods of use often need to work harder to get back up and running when turned on again, compared to those that have been regularly used throughout the year. This means sleepy air con systems may take longer to wake up properly, using more energy for longer, which may even risk early system failure.


Cleaner air

Aside from keeping the temperature in check, air con helps to improve the quality of the air, filtering out germs, pollutants and allergens from the atmosphere. When autumn approaches, there tends to be a rise in prevalence of colds and bugs, so having effective air con systems in place can help to remove viruses from the air, thus reducing the risk of spread.

With various air con options to choose from, GREE UK can help to keep your space at just the required temperature this autumn.

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should you use air con in autumn

Should you use Air Con in Autumn?

Providing welcoming cooler air in homes, offices and retail spaces when it gets hot outside, air conditioning is something we tend to associate with the

Should you use Air Con in Autumn?

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