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It’s Been a Hot Day’s Night!

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The UK and the rest of Europe are experiencing heatwaves that are hotter than ever before! The hottest July day in the UK since records began occurred on 25th July 2019, when temperatures soared to 38.1°C in Cambridge.

In Paris, it was even hotter on the same day, with the temperature reaching a record high of 42.6°C. It was the same story all over Europe, with Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands also sweltering in the hottest heatwave in history.

Scientists say climate change and global warming are making the weather hotter and prolonging the heatwaves. They have warned the trend is set to continue, with more record highs likely in the future.

Although most of us enjoy the sunshine, sometimes it can get too hot, particularly at night, when the clammy heat can make us uncomfortable in bed and leave us unable to sleep. So how can we combat the heat and have a good night’s sleep?

Opening windows

Leaving the windows open at night can achieve the benefit of letting a breeze pass through your bedroom and your home, but on the downside, if the windows are left wide open, it can also invite insects in.

No-one wants stinging insects, such as bees and wasps, trapped in the house overnight. The most likely night-time visitors are moths that are attracted by the lights from your home. Although they won’t hurt you, they can be a nuisance.

Cooling mattresses

Beat the heat by investing in cooling mattresses. A modern mattress has various features to help you enjoy a cool night’s sleep such as aerated latex, a heat-treated cotton pad, gel-infused memory foam and a coil layer to encourage high airflow.

You can even buy a mattress topper that you can cool in the fridge. The cooling gel mattress can be rolled up and kept refrigerated all day, then placed in bed ten minutes before you get in to cool it down. The mattress works using technology that was first designed for NASA! It contains a special fabric, made from thousands of thermocules (beads) that absorb body heat.

Change your bedding

In hot weather, change your bedding to cotton or linen. Both are a popular choice to keep you cooler in bed, rather than anything with a synthetic fibre, such as polyester.

Cotton bedding is known for its softness and comfort, as well its breathable and absorbent benefits. It can absorb up to one-quarter of its own weight in moisture, making it a top choice to keep you cool in bed.

Linen is a natural fibre derived from flax plants. It feels crisp and cool to the touch. It is also renowned for its absorbent properties and can absorb up to one-fifth of its weight in moisture.

Shower before bed

Taking a lukewarm shower or bath before bed will help you to cool down. There is a scientific reason for this: a lukewarm shower or bath, about an hour before you turn in for the night, lowers your body’s core temperature. This is a subconscious sleep signal known as a circadian signal – that can help you fall asleep.

Cooling fans

Keeping a fan on all night can keep you cool in bed and it may aid your sleep, but keeping cool in this way can have a few disadvantages. If your fan is noisy, it can disrupt your sleep. Also, if you don’t position it correctly, you can find yourself sleeping in a draught, rather than enjoying a cooling breeze. This can lead to a stiff neck in the morning.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning can be a good choice to keep you cool, but it can often be noisy. GREE UK has the solution: we stock a range of air conditioners that have a sleep mode – making them a lot quieter.

The units have a “sleep” button and when it’s put into operation, the AC unit goes into silent mode. Selected units have different levels of sleep mode, ranging from one to four. Some are pre-set, but it’s also possible to apply a personalised sleep setting to the temperature of your choice.

Our Shiny Series features Comfortable Sleep Mode, as well as WiFi Control, so you can adjust the air conditioning unit from the comfort of your bed, should you be too hot when trying to sleep. It is also a low-noise system in general, at lower than 49dB. This is similar to the low buzz of a refrigerator and lower than an average AC unit, which commonly has a noise level of around 60dB.

GREE UK has more than 25 years’ professional expertise in manufacturing and supplying high-quality air conditioning systems, for both business and residential premises. Contact us today for further information.

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It’s Been a Hot Day’s Night!

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