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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Michael Bublé
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Canadian crooner Michael Bublé is one of the most popular singers of recent times, and with his penchant for Christmas tunes, he’s a notable feature on the airwaves as the festive season approaches.

About Michael Bublé

Born in British Columbia in 1975, Michael claimed that he knew he wanted to become a singer by the age of two. His grandfather, who had a keen interest in jazz music, inspired a young Michael who also developed a passion for this genre of music.

Michael also had an interest in ice hockey and wanted to play professionally. He claims that if he’d been any good at the sport, he probably wouldn’t have become a singer. As a teenager, Michael worked alongside his fisherman father on expeditions, often staying away from home for periods of time. He cites this experience as one that gave him a sense of responsibility.

Musical career

Having always had a love of Christmas, Michael was especially inspired by Bing Crosby’s White Christmas album at the age of five. It was when he himself was singing along to White Christmas at the age of 13 that his family noticed how good a singer he was. In particular, Michael’s grandfather encouraged him to pursue a career in music, and he would often trade his services as a plumber for free, in exchange for Michael going on stage to sing.

Michael’s first taste of success came when he won the British Columbia Youth Talent Search contest. He also came into the spotlight while singing at a VIP wedding, where one of the guests happened to be a record producer for Warner Bros.

Over the years, Michael has enjoyed huge success, both in Canada and internationally. He released his first album in 2003. Altogether, Michael has released ten studio albums, three live albums, nine EPs, 17 singles and 14 music videos. Worldwide, his record sales have peaked at over 30 million, and he has four Grammy Awards under his belt.


Michael is known for his love of Christmas songs, so it’s no surprise that he has released two Christmas themed albums. The first, Let It Snow!, was released in 2003, while his album, Christmas, came out in 2011. The latter went on to win the Juno Award for Album of the Year – the first holiday album to win such an award.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

One of the many Christmas songs that Michael has covered over the years is the track Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Originally written in 1944 by Frank Loesser, the song is distinctive in that it includes call and response lyrics, therefore requiring a male and female singer. According to the words, the male is attempting to woo the female back to his house, as the weather is very cold, and it would be difficult for her to go home. Although there is no mention of Christmas in the lyrics, the cold weather suggests that it is that time of year.

Michael performed his version of this song alongside Idina Menzel, in 2014. The duet features on Idina’s Christmas themed album, Holiday Wishes.

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The Gree UK team would like to wish everyone a very warm and Happy Christmas!

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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