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Asthma and Air Conditioning

asthma and air conditioning
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People with asthma often have very sensitive airways and find when the temperature soars in the summer, along with the humidity levels, their symptoms begin to worsen. Causes of asthma can include allergens like pollen and dust particles that get into your home through the air.

Many don’t realise the quality of indoor air can be twice as hazardous as outdoor air. Space agency NASA carried out research into asthma in young children and found the main cause to be indoor air pollution. The study concluded indoor air quality was as vital as the treatment itself to help alleviate asthma symptoms.

Studies into the positive effects air conditioning has on asthma have revealed it can have many benefits. Any professional AC company should inquire about any asthmatic person in the household – secondary filtration can be included when needed.


Benefits of AC on asthma

One of the main advantages of having your home air conditioned is that it reduces the need to have the doors and windows open in warm weather. This can prevent the spread of pollen, dust and allergens into your home.

Outdoor air can contaminate indoor air, particularly during the pollen season and when the air quality index is unhealthy. For people with asthma, being indoors can sometimes be almost as difficult as being outdoors without the appropriate measures in place to combat air pollution. If the indoor air environment is good, staying inside can provide the best relief.

Air conditioning helps people with asthma by cooling the indoor temperature, which means the doors and windows can remain closed. This will keep pollens and other allergens and irritants out.

A sudden drop in temperature from warm to cold air can also trigger an asthma attack, so by keeping the indoor air temperature constant, this can provide a more comfortable environment.


Keep AC units clean

Some media reports have featured people talking negatively about air conditioning for people with asthma. However, the importance of cleaning and maintaining the AC units regularly and thoroughly is the key to ensuring they are beneficial to the air quality.

There have been warnings against spending many hours in an air-conditioned room if you have asthma. It has been reported that continuously running the HVAC system can trigger the growth of mould on surfaces inside the home, leading to allergies and respiratory infections.

However, experts have countered that regular HVAC maintenance is a significant factor. A clean and efficiently-running AC system will blow cool and fresh air. With proper filtration, humidity control and adequate ventilation, the air conditioning will contribute to a healthier indoor air quality, with no negative impact.


Air conditioning maintenance

How you manage and maintain air conditioning matters a lot. Ask an expert if you feel keeping your AC system in pristine working order is beyond your capabilities. At the start of every season, check the ducts, filters and any other parts that need cleaning, servicing or repairing.

Contact your local AC technician to schedule routine maintenance appointments to test the system. Keep your home as clean and dust-free as possible, particularly during the summer, including making sure the carpet is regularly vacuumed to avoid dust build-ups.

GREE UK has more than 25 years’ professional experience in the manufacture and supply of high quality air conditioning units for business and residential premises. Contact us today for further information about our products and services.

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Asthma and Air Conditioning

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