warm october trick or treat

Warm October: Trick or Treat?

October can be an unpredictable month when it comes to the weather. Traditionally the transition period between autumn and winter, it can be mild and sunny – but then it
should you use air con in autumn

Should you use Air Con in Autumn?

Providing welcoming cooler air in homes, offices and retail spaces when it gets hot outside, air conditioning is something we tend to associate with the warmer summer months. So, when

Battling Hay Fever with Air Conditioning

Hot weather can be a nightmare for people with hay fever. Anyone who suffers from the condition will know how challenging spring and summer can be. It is a widespread
asthma and air conditioning

Asthma and Air Conditioning

People with asthma often have very sensitive airways and find when the temperature soars in the summer, along with the humidity levels, their symptoms begin to worsen. Causes of asthma
air conditioning

Does Air Con Spread Coronavirus?

Now that summer is here and the weather’s getting hotter, one question that people are Googling is, “Does air conditioning spread coronavirus?” This is a topic that interests scientists, who

How to Save Money with your Air Conditioning Unit

Some people think it can be expensive to run air conditioning – but on the contrary, there are ways you can save money, while still enjoying the luxury of your
Remote AC

Air Conditioning: The Most Googled Questions – and the Answers!

Perhaps because most people are currently confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, many are asking questions online about air conditioning. There’s a lot of interest
heat recovery system

Benefits of Heat Recovery Systems

Heat recovery systems are ventilation systems that work by extracting and supplying air to provide a consistent, high-quality, indoor environment. The system ensures homes and commercial premises have fresh, highly
Damp Damage

How to Prevent Damp Using Air conditioning

If you’ve ever suffered from damp in your home, you’ll know what a nuisance it can be – and how tough it can be to get rid of it. Surveys