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With over 570 laboratories, 8000 R&D engineers, 52 research centres, 20000 technology patents including over 6000 invention patents, GREE are dedicated to producing innovative, ground breaking products and a comprehensive range of air conditioning solutions.
With over 300 million worldwide users – ONE IN THREE IS MADE BY GREE!

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As well as the residential sector, air conditioning plays and important role in a variety of sectors such as retail, leisure and infrastructure. With more than 570 laboratories and 52 research centres worldwide, GREE UK is at the forefront of the latest innovations in the industry.

All our systems are designed to provide the highest energy-efficiency class on the market, putting the emphasis firmly on reducing the greenhouse emissions, so you can enjoy a comfortable temperature without adversely affecting the environment – or your energy bills.

Inverter energy-saving technology plays a vital role in achieving such high efficiencies. Tests show that it can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%, as the system isn’t wasting energy by starting and stopping at high speeds due to the inverter being able to adjust the motor’s speed – therefore enabling the chiller to continuously run as efficiently as possible.

As a leading provider of air conditioning in the UK, GREE UK offers a variety of different designs to suit all room sizes and décors. Our wall-mounted units have numerous options, with flexible configurations, including the split system and multi-split system that will work in all residential and commercial premises.

Providing a full range of installation accessories to cover all our products, our controllers enable users to manage up to 255 indoor units from one device. We also have remote monitoring software for commercial applications.