Photovoltaic VRF Air Conditioning

Gree Photovoltaic direct-driven inverter multi VRF system

Watch the video below to see Tim Boxhall (Technical Sales Support Manager) giving a presentation about this revolutionary technology at the ACR Show earlier this year...


The team from Gree are pictured below taking the ACR News Awards environmental product of the year for our photovoltaic-powered centrifugal chiller and VRF systems

Conventional PV-powered VRF systems collect solar energy and produce electrical power, feeding it to a DC-AC converter for use by the VRF. Gree’s system uses an advanced power management system to overcome the need for a DC-AC converter, feeding electricity from the PV array directly to the air conditioning system. This removes the efficiency losses associated with power conversion, boosting the system’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness. When conditions allow, surplus electricity not required for air conditioning can be fed back into the grid, giving end users an income from the Feed-in Tariff.

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